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About Rachel


Rachel Bee is a local musician and music teacher with over 20 years of experience working with young children and adults, teaching music. She has worked in local schools in Banbury, as well as schools in the North East of England.

She has a degree in music, specialising in performance, from the University of Huddersfield, her main fields being clarinet and piano with voice and conducting taken as subsidiaries. She has a lot of experience both performing in musical theatre and playing in orchestral pits for various shows. Upon graduating she moved to Durham to undertake a PGCE, moving a little further north afterwards to work as a music coordinator in schools in Newcastle upon Tyne.

She currently works at Sibford School where she teaches both junior and senior class music, recorder, piano and takes the junior choir. She has many private piano, clarinet and recorder pupils and can also be found playing her clarinet with the British Clarinet Ensemble or the Sibford Community Orchestra

About Frances

Originally from Nottinghamshire, Frances studied piano, oboe and singing, enjoying the benefits of an excellent state-funded music school.

She gained her B.Mus degree at Edinburgh University, quickly followed by an ARCM in piano teaching and a PGCE from Reading University.

After an early foray into secondary school music teaching in Abingdon she took up a postgraduate scholarship to study singing. She later moved back to Edinburgh, working as a teacher and choir trainer for Edinburgh Young Musicians and as a music specialist in many primary schools in and around Edinburgh. From 2001 she led the music department of a very large primary school in High Wycombe, where she worked for twelve years.  More recently she was Head of Music at Carrdus School near Banbury, ‘retiring’ (aka going freelance) from there in 2016.

Frances also has private singing, piano and music theory pupils and has recently re-connected with her oboe, playing alongside Rachel in the Sibford Community Orchestra.